About Marina Pez Vela

In the past, accessing the worlds richest bill fisheries and the rich waters off the Central Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, was only for the most adventuresome of anglers.  That historical reality is what spawned the dream to build a world class marina facility here in the old banana plantation town of Quepos.  What was for years just a dream of what could be, has now become the reality of what is and what will be for generations in the future.  Marina Pez Vela is Costa Rica’s only full service touristic marina complete with ICT certification, full service yacht yard, dry dock facilities, and protected basin with dockage for up to 200 vessels ranging in size from 20 -200 feet in length.

The project has had its first 100 slips in operation for the past several years and is completing an expansion into the second phase of slips which is more than doubling the total linear foot and capacity of the project for the 2017 season.  The state of the art coffer damn system, 200 ton travel lift and yacht yard facility make Marina Pez Vela the most sought after marina facility in Central America as no other spot offers the proximity to the fishing grounds and services which make docking and servicing the boats more seamless.  Combined with the core dockage and service facilities, Marina Pez Vela has completed an important commercial land side component with more growth set for the future.  The existing commercial plaza offers up 6 full services restaurants with delicious and diverse options for visitors to the project. There is also a wide variety or tourism based services, including multiple adventure tour operators making it easy to coordinate area excursions, two full service car rental companies, Sansa airlines, and import/export company, several retail and souvenir stores, a full service pharmacy and medical facility, beauty salon, marine supply store, supermarket and provisions center and Real Estate and vacation rental company.

For anglers looking to experience the project, Marina Pez Vela also has 10 luxury villas on site which are available for rent making for a seamless experience during tournaments or other fishing trips.  You can learn more about the villas and reservations process at www.marinapezvelavillas.com

Marina Pez Vela