About Quepos, Costa Rica

Quepos / Manuel Antonio is one of the most iconic destinations in all of Central America, whose unique blend of beauty, history, wildlife, culture and infrastructure have combined to create idyllic rainforest community which has been recognised internationally by anglers, adventure seekers and families seeking for the best in Costa Rica. This coastal community is perhaps most well known for the smallest, but arguably the most beautiful and dynamic of all of the parks in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park, but it’s first tourists were the anglers who first began to enjoy the worlds richest billftshing grounds.   The parks mix of rainforest and white-sand beaches have been marvelling tourists and locals alike for decades and Manuel Antonio is one of the most user friendly parks allowing visitors of all ages to experience the most of the native wildlife species in an up close and personal setting, while still being just a few hundred yards from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Beyond the parks boundaries are the communities of Quepos and Manuel Antonio which combine the authenticity of a long standing Costa Rican community, founded long before the first tourists arrived to the country, with a sophisticated international community and fantastic set of amenities making life for locals, expats and tourists an enjoyable balance of old and new. The community of Quepos, set against the dramatic natural setting, offers its own unique history dating back to the first inhabitants, the Quepoa Indians, through firs explorers, Banana plantation development, its metamorphosis into the palm plantations and ultimately as a world class tourism and fishing destination.  This authenticity of setting is one of the many reasons Marina Pez Vela and the area have become so popular as they combine world class amenities with a feel quite distinct from the gated mega projects of so many other parts of the world and country.  A warm hearted local populace that provides visitors and residents an experience of authenticity; stunning natural beauty including large protected areas of rainforest with troops of monkeys, sloths, toucans and scarlet macaws as your daily house guests; amenities and services allowing even the most sophisticated of international traveler to feel catered and comfortable, and easy access via the new highway or our regional airport.   Quepos and Manuel Antonio are communities rooted in past with a distinct eye on the future, an amazing a unique fusion which makes for an amazing destination for the sport fishing community and our competitive tournament series.